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St. Vincent De Paul

Humanity’s blessed benefactor

The French Catholic Priest, St. Vincent De Paul is best known for his selfless dedication and work towards the welfare of the poor. Perhaps best known as the founder of the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity, St. Vincent went on to build a legacy of what was known as one of the greatest works of charity in the seventeenth century.

1580 - Born in Pouy, Gascony, France
1660 - Died in Paris on 27 September
1729 - Declared Blessed by Benedict XIII on 13 August
1737 - Canonized by Clement XII on 16 June
1885 - Leo XIII gave him as patron to the sisters of Charity

St Vincent De Paul founded the Hospice of the Name of Jesus, where forty elderly of both sexes found shelter and work suited to their condition. This was further extended to benefit over 40,000 poor in Paris, by providing them asylum with shelter and useful work. His charity went beyond the bounds of Paris, where he encouraged the foundation of societies undertaking burial of the dead and cleaning dirt, which were the major causes of the plague.

St Vincent also frequently sent his priests to the slaves of Tunis, Algiers, and Bizaerta, to give missions and act as agents connecting them to their families. He even helped free some of them. His solicitude was also extended to the Irish and English Catholics that were driven away from their homeland. His contributions were recognised long after his demise and continue to be held in high regards.

It is indeed our pride to have named our institution after a revered soul such as St Vincent De Paul. It is our humble effort to impart an education that encourages students to give back to society.

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