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Principal's Desk

Dear students,
Welcome to St. Vincent College of commerce, an abode of true learning, beyond books. In over five decades of its existence, St. Vincent College has strived to provide educational opportunities to the working youth of Pune by making available a night college facility. Our aim is to benefit students who hail from humble origins, by giving them an equal opportunity without letting their means of sustenance suffer. We are proud to have helped several students secure a better future, enabled by quality education in the field of commerce.

For students, the pursuit of excellence in education comes with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that we enthusiastically promote. The staff members are promptly dedicated to providing the service of moulding the future citizens of the nation as well as global citizens.

In line with the management's preference for the marginalised sections of the society, St. Vincent College chooses to admit those students who hail from weaker economic as well as social backgrounds. The college's value-system also ensures the promotion of gender equality, turning into a not-so-distant dream with over one-fourth female student population.

I consider it an honour and my privilege to serve as the Principal of St. Vincent College, established under the Jesuit legacy of global educational excellence.

Dr. Anil Adsule
St. Vincent College of Commerce, Pune

'A 'prepare men and women for others'