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The Jesuits

St. Vincent College of Commerce is managed by the Poona Jesuit School's Society (PJSS), under the able guidance of The Provincial, ex officio Chairman Fr. Andrew Fernandes, and S.J, the secretary Fr. Francis Patekar, S.J and Treasurer.Fr. Francis D Souza, S.J

"A Jesuit is a fire that enkindles other fires."

With this noble thought in mind, the management of the St. Vincent College of Commerce has always aimed at transforming lives through education. Our goal is to promote and provide equal opportunity to all and inculcate in our students values such as social justice, brotherhood, equality, freedom of thought and expression, moral, values and open up the possibility of living a complete human existence considering the whole universe as our home ‘Vasudeiv kutumbhakam’. Providing better opportunities to our students to equip themselves with skills and knowledge so that they bring about their own growth and contribute positively towards our nation building.

The Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola along with his first companions, approved by Pope Paul III in 1540, has since grown into a global family with over 18,000 members. A Jesuit's vocation is being a catalyst in bringing about social change. In their selfless attempt to reform society with a focus on educational and intellectual contributions, the Jesuits have always come forth to impart their knowledge in colleges, universities, as part of their missionary work, as well as ministry in human rights and social justice.

With a virtuous cause of shaping better lives, the Society of Jesus oversees the educational undertakings in over 110 High Schools, around 70 colleges, autonomous colleges, universities and 14 technical institutes of excellence in India alone. Being one of the most esteemed institutions among those is St. Vincent College of Commerce Pune, is striving to serve the inquisitive minds of Pune since its inception, providing opportunities for higher education to working youth.